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Rapid Rehydrate

Rapid Rehydrate

Use as a nutritional supplement for calves in need of electrolyte therapy. Fortified to quickly help young calves during periods of heat, stress, or scours.

Available Packages : 50lbs bag, 50lbs tub, 35lbs pail, 85gram Single Dose

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Detailed Product Information

Dextrose Provides the calf with needed energy, allows for faster absorption of electrolytes and water and improves flavor.
Sodium Creates a synergistic effect with glucose, water, and electrolytes
Sodium Acetate Alkalizing agent added to decrease metabolic acidosis. Works to correct pH balance and decreases the likelihood of Salmonella.
Sodium Citrate Enhances the absorption of water and electrolytes, corrects the pH balance within the gut.
Potassium Chloride Maintains proper pH in the blood.

Dissolve 3 ounces of Calfmilco Rapid Rehydrate in 2 quarts of warm water (100°F).

Prevention: Feed 2 quarts of solution once a day. Feed milk replacer per usual milk replacer schedule.

Moderate Need: Feed 2 quarts of solution twice per day. Feed milk replace at half the recommended level.

Severe Need: Feed 2 quarts of solution four times a day. Return to milk feeding by offering a reduced amount of milk first, and building back to full quantity during a 2-4 day period, gradually replacing the electrolytes solution with milk.

* Always follow feeding directions on the tag of your product. These feeding directions are for Esmilco products only. Milk replacer feeding levels are a guide only. The feeder determines the actual amount fed, depending on the calf size and condition.

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