An acidified blend of proteins, electrolytes, vitamins, fats and fiber for nutritional support of calves. Fortified to quickly replenish electrolytes and stimulate immune system during periods of stress, heat or scours.

Available as : 50lbs bag, 20lbs pail, 8lbs pail

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Detailed Product Information

Dextrose & Whey Provides calf with needed energy, allows for faster absorption of electrolytes and water and improve
Electrolytes Reverses dehydration, improves fluid absorption, aids in correction of metabolic acidosis.
Dietary Fibers Helps protect stomach surface, improves fluid levels, and removes toxins.
Plasma Shortens scours episodes, reduces medical costs, stimulates better gain and more starter intake.
Probiotics Contains a blend of living microscopic single-celled organisms which stimulate the immune system’s response and limit growth of pathogens.
Vitamins Helps build the immune system and appetite, aids in restoring and maintaining the stomach wall.

Mix 90 grams (4 level enclosed scoops or 2/3 cup) in 2 quarts of warm water (100 degrees F). Mix thoroughly and feed immediately. For small calves, feed 1 gram less for each 1 lb. of body weight under 90 lbs. If a more dilute mixture is re- quired before feeding, reduce the above recommendations of Ad-Gel by 25%to 33%. Use the same quantity of water. Feed solutions twice per day for 1 to 3 days. For oral use only. Do not use on calves with restrictive intestinal conditions. Not for human consumption. If conditions negative to the calf prevail or contin- ue, consult your veterinarian.

* Always follow feeding directions on the tag of your product. These feeding directions are for Esmilco products only. Milk replacer feeding levels are a guide only. The feeder determines the actual amount fed, depending on the calf size and condition.

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The perfect combination of nutrition, health, and management is required to achieve optimal growth, performance, and profit. Our line of calf specialty products is designed to enhance your calf program and provide additional support when your calves are facing health and nutritional challenges. Contact us to get more information and maximize the health and wellness of your calves.


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