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Prevent Aid

Prevent Aid

Use as a nutritional supplement to provide pneumonia and scour treatment. This high potency 5-way supplement improves overall calf health; getting them back to processing milk normally.

Available Packages : 50lbs bag, 50lbs pail, 35lbs pail, 5lbs jar

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Detailed Product Information

Neomycin Antibiotic that has been proven to be a powerful fighter in the treatment of bacterial scours. Decreases harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.
Oxytetracycline Broad spectrum antibiotic that is absorbed into the blood stream and transported to other parts of the body to fight off bacterial pneumonia and secondary bacterial infections associated with bacterial diarrhea
Vitamins & Minerals A complete vitamin mineral package is added to restore and support the needs of the scouring baby calf. Vitamin A helps in restoring and maintaining the stomach lining. High levels of B complex vitamins improve appetite, digestion and growth functions. Vitamin D encourages healthy bone and muscle development. Additional levels of vitamin E, C and B aid in building immunity in the baby calves.
Electrolytes The electrolytes supply salts that have been lost as a result of diarrhea. The critical fluid balance in the calves is restored, reversing the process of dehydration.
Diatomaceous Earth Helps to protect the intestinal villi from further damage and aids in the recovery process. It also provides a broad spectrum of naturally occurring chelated minerals.


Feed Neomycin and Oxytetracycline at 10 mg/lb of body weight daily. 1.6 ounces* of Prevent Aid per calf per day in milk replacer of started feed will provide 1000 mg of Neomycin and Oxytetracy- cline per 100 pounds of body weight. May be fed continuously for 7-14 days. If symptoms persist for 2-3 days contact a veterinarian. Continue feeding Prevent Aid for 24-48 hours after remission of symptoms.

*One level scoop holds approximately 1.6 ounces.

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