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Foremilk 100

The bovine lgG colostrum provides 100 lgG/lbs and can be used to replace fresh colostrum or a supplement existing colostrum to help boost passive transfer of immunoglobulin to promote health and prevent sickness or death.

Foremilk 100

Use as a first feeding if colostrum is not available, or add to whole milk or milk replacer for baby calves that have not received adequate levels of colostrum. Foremilk 100 is a calf colostrum replacer formulated to provide globulin proteins, edible fat, oligosaccharides, essential oils, vitamins and minerals for a new born calf. Early and adequate intake of high quality colostrum is a very important factor in determining a calf’s health and survival.

Available Packages : 20lbs pail, 25lbs bag, 4lbs jar, 1lbs pouch

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Detailed Product Information

Provides 100 grams of globulin protein per pound.

  • Contains high levels of globulin proteins to assist in the immune response to intestinal pathogens.
  • Bio-enhanced proteins are added with antibodies from eggs produced by vaccinated laying hens to improve health through better nutrition.
  • Essential Oils and Inulin have all-natural active compounds with unique properties to promote good bacteria in order to increase gut health, while simultaneously providing appetite stimulation.
  • Vitamin and mineral supplementation to aid in the production and synthesis of immuno proteins and to restore vitamin and mineral levels lost during periods of stress.

To Replace Colostrum:

Mix 1 lb (6 heaping scoops (enclosed) in 2 quarts of warm water (110-120°F). Thoroughly mix to ensure complete dispersion. Feed as soon after birth as possible by bottle or nipple pail at 102°F.

To Supplement Milk Replacer or Whole Milk:

Add Foremilk 100 to warm water (110-120°F) and mix thoroughly with a power mixer. Add solution as indicated below to the desired amount of milk or milk replacer and feed solution twice daily.

Day Oz/Calf/Feeding Water
1-4 1 oz (3 oz mark on scoop) 4 oz
5-12 1/2 oz (1.5 oz mark on scoop) 2 oz

* Always follow feeding directions on the tag of your product. These feeding directions are for Esmilco products only. Milk replacer feeding levels are a guide only. The feeder determines the actual amount fed, depending on the calf size and condition.

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The perfect combination of nutrition, health, and management is required to achieve optimal growth, performance, and profit. Our line of calf specialty products is designed to enhance your calf program and provide additional support when your calves are facing health and nutritional challenges. Contact us to get more information and maximize the health and wellness of your calves.


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