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Premium Milk Replacer

Premium Milk Replacer is a combination of milk and wheat proteins designed for economic, high calf performance and an easier transition to dry feed. Plasma protein may be added for extra growth and health benefits.

Premium Milk Replacer

Premium Milk Replacer combines milk and wheat proteins for high calf performance economically and an easier transition to dry feeds. Plasma protein may be added for extra growth and health benefits. It can also reduce the growth environment for colonization of pathogenic bacteria.

Available Packages : 50lbs bag

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Detailed Product Information

Milk protein Allows for easy digestibility and outstanding performance
Plasma Assists in immune response to intestinal pathogens
Wheat protein Most digestible plant source that helps stimulate calf starter intake
Animal fat & coconut oil Long and short chain fatty acids, mirroring whole milk, resulting in easier digestibility
Vitamins & minerals A combination promoting optimum growth and complete nutrition
Additional amino acids A combination of essential amino acids which the calf can synthesize
Chelated trace minerals Better utilization and absorption of nutrients, and enhancement of the immune system
  • We understand the importance and impact of optimum calf nutrition on your business.
  • We use edible grade milk ingredients including skim milk and whey protein concentrate.
  • Fats are incorporated into our milk replacers by both cold processing and spray drying to help ensure nutrients are unharmed and at their optimum value for a more even absorption of energy by the calf.
  • Our products are mildly acidified and fortified to support a healthy and efficient working digestive system.
  • All our products are available with Summit Pack, our exclusive combination of natural feed supplements designed to support a healthy and efficient digestive system.
  • All Esmilco brands can be customized; we know each farm is unique.

Various levels of protein and fat are available to permit flexibility for different environmental and management conditions.

Protein Options 20, 22, 24%
Fat Options 18 or 20%
Medicated Options Lasalocid, Decoquinate, Clarify, Oxytetracyline / Neomycin
Additional Options Direct Fed Microbials, Summit Pack

Mixing Directions

Mix 1 lb. (16 ounces) of milk replacer powder with 7.6 lbs. (0.91 gallons) of water to make approximately 1 gallon of milk solution (4 quarts).

Take half of the total amount of water needed at a temperature of around 130º F. Add the milk replacer and mix into a uniform solution. Keep mixing while adding additional cooler water to equal the total amount and final drinking temperature of 102-105º F.

Feeding Directions
Age of Calf Quarts of Milk Replacer Solution Feedings per Day
Day 1-3 2 qts colostrum 3
Day 4-7 1.5 - 2 qts. 2
Week 2 2 – 2.5 qts. 2
Week 3-6 3 – 3.5 qts. 2
Week 7-8 2 – 2.5 qts. 2
Week 9 2 – 2.5 qts. 1

Colostrum: Calves should receive at least 3-4 qts. of colostrum within 30 minutes after birth. Thereafter, feed 2qts of colostrum at 8-hour intervals (3x a day).

* Always follow the feeding directions on the tag of your product. These feeding directions are for Esmilco products only. Milk replacer feeding levels are a guide only. The feeder determines the actual amount fed, depending on the calf size and condition.

Create Your Own Custom Milk Replacer Blend

Interested in creating your own custom blend of milk replacer, milk based ingredients or speciality products? We offer custom blending options. Our highly skilled employees use robotic assistance to ensure your custom mix gets done quickly and efficiently.

Create your own specifications for your products. If you need assistance, our staff nutritionist will ensure your products are adequately balanced to optimize your feeding program.

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Download our milk replacer mixing guide to share with your team.

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Our feed is produced in a facility certified in the American Feed Industry Association’s Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program; for details, go to www.safeedsafefood.org