Feeding Directions

Feeding Recommendations for Milk Replacers Fed to Herd Replacement Calves

Feed colostrum milk (102 degrees F) for the first three days. Calves should receive at least two quarts of colostrum as soon as possible after birth and another two quarts, six hours later. Thereafter, feed two quarts of colostrum in 12 hour intervals.


For the best mixing results, start by adding half of the total amount of water needed. USE WARM WATER (120-140 degrees Fahrenheit). Add the milk replacer and mix into a uniform solution. Add additional, cooler water to equal the total amount and reach a final drinking temperature of 102-105 degrees Fahrenheit.

To mix large batches, 50 pounds of milk replacer should be added to 44 gallons of water. This will make approximately 50 gallons of milk solution.

Calves should be offered fresh water on a daily basis. Small amounts of a fresh and balanced calf starter feed should be available at one week of age.

Calves can be weaned at 6 weeks of age, provided they are in good physical condition and eating a minimum of 1.5-2 lb. of a high-quality starter. It is recommended that calves on a beef program, in which high gains are important, be kept on milk two weeks longer.

Milk replacer feeding levels are a guide only. The feeder determines the actual amount fed, depending on calf size and condition.

Recommended Feeding Directions

Age of Calf Ounces of Milk Replacer Quarts of Milk Replacer Solution Feedings per Day

Week 1

8 oz. 2 qt. 2
Week 2 10 oz. 2.5 qt.


Week 3-6

12 oz. 3 qt. 2

Week 7-8

12 oz. 3 qt. 1