Kid Milk Replacers

For Maximum Performance of Baby Goats

Kid Milk Replacer is formulated to meet the entire nutritional requirements of the baby kids from the second day of life to weaning. It is the ideal replacement for doe’s milk.

Kid Milk Replacer Special Formula Features

  • High quality milk proteins
  • A homogenized edible fat blend with coconut oil that is highly digestible resulting in very efficient feed conversion and optimum growth rate
  • Fully fortified with vitamins and minerals for growth and aid in disease prevention
  • Acidified and fortified with natural herbal oils to promote digestive enzymes and reduce the growth for environment for pathogenic microorgansims
  • Mixes easy and stays in solution

Management Tips

  • Kid Milk Replacer can be used to replace sellable doe’s milk and to save orphan kids, weak kids, unclaimed kids and kids from multiple births
  • Feed colostrum for at least the first 24 hours of life. Newborn kids should receive the first colostrum feeding within three hours after birth. 
  • Assist kids for the first day or two on the feeding device used. 
  • Provide a dry, warm and draft-free pen to start kids on Kid Milk Replacer.
  • Provide a high quality kid starter feed at one week of age. Kids should be offered fresh water free choice.
  • Kids can be weaned at six to eight weeks of age.
  • Keep milk replacer equipment clean.