Calf Specialty Products

The perfect combination of nutrition, health and management is required to achieve optimal growth, performance and profit. Our line of calf speciality replacers is designed to enhance your calf program and provide additional support when your calves are facing health and nutritional challenges. 

Colostrum Supplements

Colostrum replacers are formulated to be fed as a first feeding if colostrum is not available. They are added to whole milk or milk replacers for baby calves that have not received adequate levels of colostrum and have been on a low level of nutrition.


High potency five-way supplements for young calves that provide pneumonia and scour treatment with electrolytes, vitamins minerals and diatomaceous earth.

Digestive Support and Probiotic

Milk additives for young calves that contain MOS, essential oils, direct fed microbials, vitamins and yeast.

Hydration Support

Speciality milk replacers that provide electrolytes and energy for better hydration support.