Calf Milk Replacer

Provide your calves with the best nutrition possible

Helping your calves reach their fullest potential is good for their health, welfare and productivity.

We understand the importance and impact of optimum calf nutrition on your business. Esmilco calf milk replacers use the best ingredients including edible-grade skim milk, whey protein concentrate, animal fats and coconut oil. The combination of short-, medium- and long-chain fatty acids aids digestibility and provides energy.

Liquid ingredients are added to our calf milk replacers using a cold process that makes mixing easy without using steam or heat. All Esmilco brands can be customized.

High Gain Milk Replacer

High Gain is an all-milk, high-protein (26 to 28 percent) performance product containing essential oils, mannon oligosaccharides (MOS) and chelates. It also contains the Esmilco Summit Pack. High Gain Milk Replacer is used for maximum gain, and the ingredients contribute to improved feed utilization, nutrient absorption, appetite and gastrointestinal health.

Advanced Jersey Milk Replacer

The Advanced Jersey Milk Replacer formula is higher in protein, vitamins and minerals so that it more closely resembles the quality of milk produced by Jersey cows.

Elite Milk Replacer

Our most popular product line, Elite Milk Replacer is an all-milk product with protein levels ranging from 18 to 24 percent. Its animal fat and coconut oil combination resembles the fatty acid profile of whole milk, resulting in increased digestibility.

Milk Balancer

Milk Balancer is specifically formulated to aid early growth and promote health by balancing nutrients and fortifying whole milk for dairy and beef calves. It is available in Elite and Premium.

Premium Milk Replacer

Premium Milk Replacer combines milk and wheat proteins for high calf performance economically and an easier transition to dry feeds. Plasma protein may be added for extra growth and health benefits. It can also reduce the growth environment for colonization of pathogenic bacteria.