Milk Balancer

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For Maximum Performance of Baby Calves

Product Features

  • Milk Balancer is added to pasteurized whole milk to optimize levels of protein fat, vitamins, minerals and solids.
  • High-quality milk protein (with optional plasma and wheat proteins) for high gain and healthy calf performance with an easier transition to dry feed.
  • Fat level is reduced to balance the high fat content naturally occurring in whole milk.
  • Chelated trace minerals are added for optimum absorption and utilization of nutrients.
  • Product is mildly acidified for optimum stomach pH. Mildly acidified product allows for better protein digestibility and helps form a natural barrier against pathogenic bacteria.
  • Contains Calfmilco Summit pack. This is a combination of natural feed supplements to support a healthy and efficient working digestive system.
  • Milk Balancer is a cold process agglomerated for enhanced mixability.
  • Medication and Clarifyâ„¢ are optional add-ins.

Product Specifications

  • Protein level – 25 to 30%
  • Fat level – 5-10%
  • Non-Medicated or Medicated