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Promilco Optifat

Promilco Optifat is a New Generation Dairy By-Pass Fat

Features and Benefits

Pure Vegetable Energy Source

  • 99% Edible Grade Fractionated Palm Fat
  • Very Good Palatabilty
  • No Odor

Fractionation Process

  • Mechanical separation of long chain fatty acids
  • No hydrogenation or chemical processing
  • Free of Trans Fatty Acids
  • Uniform Small Particle Size for Excellent Digestibilty
  • High Melting Point of 138° F
  • Good mixing and flowability characteristics

High Performance

  • Naturally rumen inert - Does not interfere with rumen fermentation at any pH level
  • Optimal digestibility due to the high level of C-16 Palmitic Acid.
  • C-16 fatty acids are directly absorbed into the milk from the blood, saving energy that results in higher milk production and typically maintains or increases milk solids
  • Cows spend approximately 30% less energy in the fat absorption process versus free fatty acids because it is a “true” triglyceride with glycerol
  • Glycerol plays an important role in the absorption process and also reduces the risk of inducing ketosis since the cow does not have to make it from her own blood glucose

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