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Calfmilco Selenium Pack + Vit E

Calfmilco Selenium Pack + Vit E for Maximum Performance of Baby Calves

Calfmilco Selenium Pack + Vit E is a nutritional supplement that can be added to whole milk or milk replacer.

Selenium nutrition that incorporates selenium yeast is particularly useful for neonatal and growing calves and pregnant cows. It is during these physiological stages that selenium status is most critical to animal performance. Organic forms of selenium, unlike inorganic forms, are identical to those found naturally in plants, forages and grains.

Sodium selenite injections given directly to the calf may quickly boost selenium levels, but the selenium is highly oxidized and is not stored in the protein tissue (see study below done by Pavlata et al.2001). Therefore, it is not available upon times of high demand.

Organic selenium is available for protein tissue storage and bioactive for protein tissue mobilization and synthesis (e.g. colostrum, milk, and meat).

Feeding Calfmilco Selenium Pack +Vit E is a convenient, cost effective way to supply the needed amount of organic selenium and vitamin E without the labor and stress associated with injections.

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