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Calfmilco Electrolytes Plus Energy

Calfmilco Electrolytes Plus Energy — A calf supplement providing electrolytes and energy


  • Provides calf with needed energy
  • Allows for faster absorption of electrolytes and water
  • Improves flavor


  • Creates a synergistic effect with glucose, water and electrolytes
  • Essential electrolyte for normal body functions


  • Aids in the correction of metabolic acidosis
  • Aids in the absorption of potassium

Sodium Citrate

  • Enhances the absorption of water and electrolytes
  • Corrects the PH balance within the gut


  • Provides protective coating to the stomach
  • Protects the villi from further damage
  • Absorbs toxins
  • Aids in the calf’s recovery

Potassium Chloride

  • Essential electrolyte for normal body function


  • Aids in the intestinal absorption of glucose, water and electrolytes

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